5 Helpful Tips for Wedding Planning

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Congratulations, your engaged! The first feeling is a great one, then comes what most consider the headache…actually planning it. Brides-to-be are usually in charge and adore the process, until it starts getting a little stressful financially and mentally for the bride and groom. There are some simple guidelines to making this happily-ever-after more bearable to plan, and as soon as you know it, you’ll be on your honeymoon.

Develop a Sixth Sense
Although this may be impossible, most people can’t foresee the future, especially since most weddings are planned over three months ahead of time. Check what season your in and what seasons are coming up. How is the climate usually in the area you are getting married, sure, weather is unpredictable but be prepared. An outdoor wedding can be dampened by rain or really hot weather if not prepared.In warmer climates, place fans near your guests and havecold water near byso they aren’t uncomfortable. For windy days make sure everything is sturdy, that needs to be.Prepare your guests–they are very important–with a beautiful white portable cover or a large party tent incase of rain. You can even get creative and use umbrellas that match or coordinate to the wedding, so don’t stress yourself out. If your bold and opted for a colder climate, you can rent patio heaters to keep everyone cozy, making it truly a wonderful experience.These methodscan still be attractive and serve its purpose. Always inform your guests if it is an outdoor wedding so they too may be prepared. Of course, the weather forecast isn’t 100% accurate, so act like “its” going to happen anyway. Whether that “it” is rain, heat, or winds.
Invite People You Want to See There
This may sound obvious but sometimes can be over looked. When you are wedding planning, as much as the bride wants to believe its about her, its really about the guests. Think about it, your basically taking 100 plus people out on a date at once. That’s not including the waitstaff and photographer’s. So choose carefully, who are you happy to spend money on? Sure, you want to show off but can you afford it and is it really worth it. You guys hopefully have a long time to spend with each other, you don’t want to spend it together paying off credit card bills you don’t have to. Make your event more intimate. Doing this can cut your wedding budget in half, cha-ching, save that for the honeymoon.
Don’t Be a Perfectionist
Yes bridezillas, this is your big day, and you want it to be flawless, but no one is perfect. Relax a little bit or you’ll take all the fun out of it. Not everything you order will come in the right color, accidents will happen, and a guest or even two might wear white. It’s okay, if your relationship was completely perfect and you never argued once in a while, that would be boring. This day will be one to remember, flaws and all.
When planning your fairytale wedding, be organized. This will only help your budget. The biggest stress factor when it comes to party plannings cash. List major items you absolutely need for your wedding. Major costs that can be cut down, like hiring a DJ instead of a live band. You can have more of a variety of music playing instead of a band that only can play certain songs. You can have so much fun picking out your favorite songs, that’s at least one thing the groom can choose.
Bargain Hunt
Just because its your big day, doesn’t mean you have to spend half your life savings and take out ten credit cards, be aware. The deals are out there, you just have to find them. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality, and pictures are deceiving. If you can, visit the place your going to get married. Get a look and then you can book. Venues tend to be cheaper if you book them closer to the big day. Always ask questions or favors if you will. You are spending a good amount of money on party planning, they may have perks and discounts you haven’t asked for. This is your day, speak your mind.

The hidden tip of the day is relax. Take a breathe, this is a joyous event, and the less you stress it, the better it’ll be. Keep in mind it is only the beginning of your adventure together, so enjoy every moment.